Comedian Fielding Edlow’s Life is Bitter Sweet

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I sat down with comedian/writer/actress Fielding Edlow to talk about her new award winning comedic web series entitled, Bitter Homes and Gardens (season one can be seen here: Bitter Homes and Gardens Webseries). I watched all 8 episodes at the sold out premiere party at Nerdist in LA a few weeks back and was laughing so hard I peed my drawers.

Bitter Homes and Gardens is based on Fielding’s and her husband, character actor, Larry Clarke’s (Criminal Minds, NCIS, Private Practice, etc.) marriage. Fielding plays a snack blogger who has to pay a high priced escort/fixer/personal organizer to be her friend while Larry Clarke, her husband, plays a middle-aged character actor who is “big brothering” an African American dude from Brentwood. They’re both looking for their big break and navigating daily life/marriage while hilariously bickering.

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