P.J. Shapiro: Hollywood’s advocate on a quest for peace

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It’s 1:00pm on a Thursday, close to the end of another hectic week at arguably Hollywood’s most powerful entertainment law firm, Ziffren Brittenham. I’m sitting with P.J. Shapiro, Ziffren’s co-managing partner. We sit in his top floor, corner office in Century City. His office is immaculate, not a paper is out of place. He and his environment seem very controlled, but underneath P.J. has this restless energy.

P.J. is one of those good-looking, affable guys that every dude wants to have a beer with and every lady is charmed by. He credits his mother for his gregarious and social nature. P.J.’s charisma has landed him a vast array of celebrity clients. His clients are the stars sitting in the first few rows at the Oscars and the Emmys.

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